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Our Values

In our relations with stockholders, our employees, customers and suppliers as well as the business environment.


Protecting the Environment

This is the focus of all of our operations. We ensure that precautions and controls that comply with national and international guidelines are performed for the purpose of protecting the environment. 


Quality Assurance

Our products/services are overcoming quality test by world-renowned testing labs/companies frequently undertaken by our valued Customers and Mother Vessels. Besides, we test the collected fuels from our government refinery laboratory after collecting the product. 


Customer Focus

This is the focus of all our activities. The benefit provided to the customer in the services we provide strengthens the trust they have in us. While performing our duties, we are careful to conduct operations in adherence to defined disciplines and standards and perform quality refueling to customer vessels in a timely manner. 


Competitive Advantage

Working closely with both customers and suppliers, we strive continuously to leverage the competitive advantage of the ever-changing market. Thus Bunker Price risk management is one of our added advantages. With a sound understanding of the essentials that vigor both the financial and oil markets, we are experienced in Bunker Risk Management. 


Employee Focus

The most fundamental principle for success is focusing on people. Therefore, we value employees and expect them to be educated, healthy and highly-motivated individuals, who follow developments closely, are competitive, inquisitive and studious and who do not hesitate to push success to its upper limits. 

Management Capacity

ARHAMAW management has long & strong experience on bunker supply. The Management is highly equipped with vastly experienced people who have initiated such operation. We are skilled to supply any quantity at any time with our strong supply chain, while quality is the core of our business commitment.


Working in Compliance with Legal Regulations

ARHAMAW Bunkering respects the law and regulations and is an honest company that discharges its duties in a timely fashion.

Everyone at ARHAM AWis action-oriented; this is embedded into our work culture and is a critical requirement of our recruitment process.  Action keeps things moving and we are ready to move forward.

Flexibility is at the core of our work ethic - this industry demands it. We are ever-ready to change and action our clients' unique and varying requirements.

Our relationships with our clientele are deep-rooted in trust. Without trust, no constructive business relationship can last. We invest ourselves to earn the esteemed trust of our clients - we know it will not happen overnight, but we will build and earn it.

The pursuit of happiness, we believe, is the right of every man and woman. Being happy or not ultimately determines our quality of life. ARHAMAW plays its part by embedding "happiness" as one of our core values and we strive constantly to attain it. ARHAMAW is a fun place, its employees are fun people, and "happiness" is part of our culture.

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