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Qualifications & Advice


Proficiency in English


Computer Literacy


Positive Attitude




CIM (UK) professional or similar marketing qualification


Prior relevant experience in shipping or bunkering


Before you forward your application, please bear in mind that your application is equivalent of the first impression ARHAMAW gets from you.

If you put effort, spirit and thoughts behind your application and aim it specifically at ARHAMAW, you will have a much better opportunity of becoming a part of us.

Therefore we encourage you to:

  • Write a clear application, and try your best to keep it to a maximum of three pages
  • Briefly tell us why you are the right candidate for the particular job
  • Create a good and logical link between your experience, qualifications and the duties and requirements which form the minimum pre-conditions of the open job described
  • Always enclose your current and updated CV
  • A good CV contains all your personal information e.g.: name, address, phone number, education, experience. Always list your most recent jobs first and make sure that “gaps” in your CV are explained (e.g. out travelling, been out of work, leave etc.). Include your language skills, your IT knowledge and your hobbies
  • Always attach relevant documentation together with your application, such as exam papers, recommendations, references, credentials, honors and the alike

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