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Bunkering/Physical Supply/Bunker Supply

We are serving bunker services as supplier and trader in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & UAE.

We serve the bunkering needs of most sectors of the Maritime industry, which includes Ocean going vessels, oil rigs, oil tankers and fishing fleets.

 We can supply the finest MGO and IFO (120/180 cst). We have our own storages and can reserves maximum quantities fuels. Also we can supply any large quantity at a time as we procured from Govt. oil refineries and through import. We ensure that Specifications are closely monitored to ensure our products meet with ISO specification 8217:2005 standards and bunker delivery comply with regulations 14 and 18 of MARPOL ANNEX VI.

By participating in all key stages of the marine fuel supply chain, we are able to provide its customers with global single supplier convenience, competitive pricing, access to specialized products, customized term contracts and a fully integrated marine fuel delivery service whilst capturing margins at every stage.

 Scrupulous care of each phase of the bunkering process and coordination of on-site physical operations ensure bunkering is performed without any waste time.

 Please be noted we have 7 oil tankers and can deliver at a time outer anchorage (Deep Sea) which is 7 nautical miles from main jetty.

 We are looking for the opportunity to provide efficient, reliable, flexible and cost effective bunkering services to your vessels when they calling at our coastal waters or ports.

Offering by one supply order you can check about our service.


The most common bunker grades supplied are: 

  • IFO 120 CST
  • IFO 180 CST
  • Lubricants



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